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Chinese Politics (Yale-NUS College): Welcome

Contemporary Chinese politics


This data guide is designed to assist students in identifying online as well as offline data sources for use in their own research on contemporary Chinese politics. There are a wide variety of data sources that are available through the NUS Library system as well as on the Internet. This guide is by no means an exhaustive list of the available resources, but offers a starting point for particular ideas. As such, the guide is organized thematically into the following sections:

Chinese politics

Overview: The study of leadership politics in contemporary China is complicated by the enduring opacity of politics at the very centre. Nevertheless, there are a number of data sources and centers for the analysis of leadership politics that have been created in recent years to help in understanding and conducting research into leadership politics. I have included a short list of some sources in English and Chinese below.

Overview: Recent years have seen an explosion in the availability of socio-economic data that reflects China’s dramatic social and economic transition since 1980. Below are a number of sources that are good places to start in searching for this information.

Subject Guide

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