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YSS2216; Statistics and Research Methods for Psychology (Yale-NUS College): Welcome


The purpose of this guide to recommend article databases, books and other materials for conducting research in psychology specifically with research methods and the use of statistics.

What Are Research Methods?

Research methods are the techniques, processes, system or procedure followed where data or information is created and then analysed. It is essentially the way you collect your data for your thesis.

For example, data collected through case studies, survey research, experiments, performance assessment and observations or other ways of collecting information.


Click on the pages at the top of the page, or the menu below to navigate among the sections of this guide to discover useful resources for research. Need help?  Ask a Librarian!

Types of Research Methods

Qualitative Methods- Research that investigates aspects of social life which are not amenable to quantitative measurement. Associated with a variety of theoretical perspectives, qualitative research uses a range of methods to focus on the meanings and interpretation of social phenomena and social processes in the particular contexts in which they occur.

From Sage Research Methods Online.



Quantitative Methods- Research involving the collection of data in numerical form for quantitative analysis. The numerical data can be durations, scores, counts of incidents, ratings, or scales. Quantitative data can be collected in either controlled or naturalistic environments, in laboratories or field studies, from special populations or from samples of the general population.

The defining factor is that numbers result from the process, whether the initial data collection produced numerical values, or whether non-numerical values were subsequently converted to numbers as part of the analysis process, as in content analysis.

From Sage Research Methods Online.

Mixed Methods- The combined use of both quantitative and qualitative methodologies within the same study in order to address a single research question.

From Sage Research Methods Online.

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