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FindMore@NUSL Help: Overview

New Search Service - Search for books, journal articles, newspaper articles, dissertations & More

1. What is FindMore@NUSL?

FindMore@NUSL is an all-new search service that provides users with a Google-like search experience. Using one simple search box, it searches through the extensive collection of books, scholarly journals, newspaper articles, E-Books, theses and dissertations, conference proceedings, and numerous academic databases.

FindMore@NUSL contains everything found in the NUS Libraries' catalogue plus online full-text contents available from the Libraries' subscribed E-Resources and beyond.

2. Why use FindMore@NUSL?

Consider doing a search in FindMore@NUSL when you might otherwise search Google Scholar, the library catalogue, or a research database.
Note that FindMore@NUSL is not intended to replace these other search tools, but we hope that it will be a valued addition to your research toolkit.

At the results display. you will immediately notice many more results than you may be accustomed to. This is OK! You can refine your results by different facets (see the Refine Search tab).

3. What's in FindMore@NUSL

Examples of searches you can do in FindMore@NUSL

Search for....

a. Databases - e.g PubMed

b. Journal titles - eg. American journal of sociology

c. Journal articles - eg. The Semiotics of Singapore’s Founding Myths of Multiracialism and Meritocracy

d. Books - e.g The structure of scientific revolutions

and more....

4. How to locate FindMore@NUSL from the Library portal?

From the Library portal:

5. FindMore@NUSL: Features

a. Single search box - discover credible and reliable contents using a single search box - just like Google!
b. Results sorted by relevance - by default, results are sorted by relevance but can be changed to date order.
c. Full text Online - covers NUS library's holdings including full-text of journal articles, E-Books, newspapers, dissertations, conference proceedings, industry reports and more.
d. Refine search - by Content Types, Discipline, Subject Terms, Publication Date, Library Location, Language
e. Export results to bibliographic management software including EndNote, RefWorks and BibTex.
f. Format results in preferred styles (APA, AMA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago). Copy and paste formatted references on to your assignments.
g. "Did you mean?" suggestions - this intuitive tool provides alternative guidance for misspellings or low yield searches.
h. Mobile responsive - Search results screen dynamically adjusts to suit the screen size for easy use regardless of whether you are on a desktop pc, tablet, or smartphone.

i. Query automatically includes relevant terms - The search may now automatically add synonyms (e.g Burma for Mynamar) for better results. You can turn this off with one click.

j. Grouped news & images - Images and news articles are grouped seperately in the search results, making it easier to scan for what you are looking for.

k. Contact your resource librarian - Find the appropriate librarian or research guide for assistance based on your search.

l. Get contextual help with recommendations and Wikipedia - FindMore intelligently suggests resources and websites you might want to try for popular searches. In addition, short snipplets from reference sources like Wikipedia might be displayed.

Browsers supported

For FindMore@NUSL the following browsers are supported as of Dec 2014.

  • Internet Explorer 9.0+
  • Firefox 10+
  • Safari 6+ (Mac, iOS versions)
  • Chrome 28+ 


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