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Legal Writing and Research: A Bibliography for Grad Students

Legal Writing & Communication

English for Academic Legal Purposes (EALP) texts are specifically written to help students familiarise themselves with the norms and practices of legal English. Here is a selection of these books:

A  selection of books on legal writing generally:

Books providing guidance on how to write law dissertations:

1. Legal Dictionaries

Black's law dictionary / Bryan A. Garner, editor in chief; 11th ed; Thomson Reuters, 2019 (KB12 Bla 2019; ebook)

A dictionary of law / edited by Jonathan Law; 9th ed; OUP, 2018 (ebook)

Garner's dictionary of legal usage / Bryan Garner; 3rd ed; OUP, 2011 (KB12 Gar 2011) 

Jowitt's dictionary of English law / Daniel Greenberg, editor; Sweet & Maxwell/Thomson Reuters, 2019 (KB12 Jow 2019)

2. Words and Phrases

Stroud's judicial dictionary of words and phrases / Daniel Greenberg, editor; 10th ed; Sweet & Maxwell/Thomson Reuters, 2020 (KB12 Str 2020)

Words and phrases legally defined; 5th ed;  LexisNexis, 2018 - (ebook)

Guides on legal writing: