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Library Guide on Copyright Awareness for MOOCs

by NUS Libraries and NUS Office of Legal Affairs

Creative Commons Attribution Guidelines

Attribution is normally required when using someone else's copyrighted work. 

Creative Commons (CC) Attribution Best Practice

Creative commons recommends the TASL approach:

T = Title (e.g. It is the beautiful Egypt)
A = Author (e.g. Karim Essm (with link to the author's page))
S = Source (e.g. It is the beautiful Egypt (with link to original Wikimedia Commons page))
L = License (e.g. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International (link to license deed))

See the complete example below. 


More examples of TASL at the Creative Commons wiki here:


Databases sometimes provide their own attribution guidelines e.g. Freesound.

Attribution Tool

Creative Commons Attribution Builder (Good For Derivative Works) 

  • Works similarly to Open Attribution Builder
  • Has additional option to list modifications to the work - good if you are producing a derivative.
  • Click on the link above to access. 

Open Attribution Builder