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Digital Literacy: Home


This library guide covers resources on digital literacy comprising news literacy, algorithmic literacy, and data literacy. This is not a comprehensive guide but rather a selective list of materials that are most useful for forays into digital literacy.

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What is Digital Literacy?

What is digital literacy and why is it important?

Digital literacy is the “ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills” (American Library Association Digital Literacy Taskforce). Being able to access information online is not enough. How does one then navigate through the web of information one receives? One would first need to verify the reliability of the sources of information. In addition to that one would need to be aware that information one is presented online are targeted and would therefore need further searching. One cannot merely consume what predictive algorithms deliver. Thereafter critical engagement with data sets, statistics and other forms of information should take place to discern the credibility of the information. There is more than meets the eye and information should never be taken at face value. Being digitally literate is therefore imperative.

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