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Modern and Contemporary Literature in Chinese 现当代中文文学: CH2245 Reading List 跨界现代中国:文学·文化·历史参考书目

A guide to resources in Modern and Contemporary Literature in Chinese.

CH2245 Reading List 跨界现代中国:文学·文化·历史参考书目 (AY2015/2016, Semester 1)

请以IVLE里的“CH2245 跨界现代中国:文学·文化·历史参考书目”课程大纲为准。
如是闭架书目(Closed-stack books),请网上预借。

有关此门课的RBR阅读书目,请浏览图书馆综合目录: LINC > RBR > Course Number > CH2245


  1. Culp, Robert Joseph.Articulating citizenship : civic education and student politics in Southeastern China, 1912-1940.Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press : [distributor] John Wiley and Sons Ltd., c2007.
  2. Hockx, Michel.  Internet Literature in China. New York: Columbia University Press, 2015.
  3. Hsiung, Ping-chen. A tender voyage: children and childhood in late imperial China, Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2005.
  4. Jenkins, Henry. The Children's Culture Reader. New York: New York University Press, 1998.
  5. Jones, Andrew. Developmental Fairy Tales: Evolutionary Thinking and Modern Chinese Culture, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2011.
  6. Kinney, Anne Behnke. Chinese Views of Childhood. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1995.
  7. Saari,Jon L. Legacies of Childhood: Growing up Chinese in a Time of Crisis, 1890-1920,Cambridge:Harvard University Press, 1990.


  1. 毕苑,《建造常识:教科书与近代中国文化转型》,福州:福建教育出版社,2010。
  2. [法]菲力浦·阿利埃斯著:《儿童的世纪:旧制度下的儿童和家庭生活》,沈坚/朱晓罕译,北京大学出版社,2013。
  3. 胡从经:《晚清儿童文学钩沉》,上海:少年儿童出版社,1982。
  4. 蒋风主编,《中国现代儿童文学史》,石家庄:河北少年儿童出版社,1987 。
  5. 刘慈欣:《三 体》,重庆:重亲出版社,2008.
  6. 梅家玲:《从少年中国到少年台湾:二十世纪中文小说的青春想象与国族论述》,台北市 : 麥田出版, 2012.
  7. 苏童:《刺青时代》,武汉:长江文艺出版社,1993。

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