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Research Impact


Why the need to use research impact measures? 

As a researcher, you may need to use research impact measures as you: 

  • Prepare your dossier for promotion and tenure appointments, performance appraisal and grant applications
  • Find out how your research has been developed through identifying researchers who have cited your works
  • Identify potential collaborators 
  • Publish your next research in high impact sources for increased research visibility

There are many research metrics (e.g. FWCI, citation count, h-index, Journal Impact Factor), which are sourced from numerous databases (Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar).

How can this guide help you?

   I am..... Things to consider.... early career researcher

Try creating an author author profile keep track of your publications and citations 

Understand what author-level metrics to measure your impact as an individual researcher are

Find out your citation count and h-index in the various databases

Understand how to increase your research visibility

  ...looking to do peer benchmarking

Contact your department to understand which metrics are used in benchmarking

Understand article-level metrics and author-level metrics

Try creating a benchmarking table in SciVal following these steps

  ...identifying potential collaborators 

See the above

  ...looking for a high impact journal to publish in 

Understand journal-level metrics

Check if the journal you have in mind is indexed in Scopus or Web of Science (JCR)

Conduct a literature search to find relevant journals in Scopus