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Singapore Studies Resources: Introduction

Introducing our team~

How to use this guide

Welcome! This is a non-exhaustive guide with curated resources pertaining to Singapore. Resources have been thematically selected by a group of librarians from the Humanities and Arts and Social Sciences Research Team.

This resource guide is a work in progress. You can explore the different themes by clicking on the corresponding tabs. You can then find curated resources we have have put together. Get in touch with us if you have any queries or suggestions ^–^.

In general, the curatorial principal is to point out canonical works that are published for the specific topic or area of study. As significant literature are published in the past, not all works are available online or in digital form, so the links will take you back to NUS library catalogue so you can see the location and call number of the item. If there is an online version, it will link to the resource directly but you need to login with your NUS credentials to read the item online. For non-NUS persons, please email Askalib so that we can give you information on how to access NUS Libraries to read the book you want on our premise(s).

Do you have any suggestions?