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Evernote: Student Tips

Resource guide to using Evernote for your research and note-taking.

How you can use Evernote

  • Create a portfolio
  • Organize your internship/job search
  • Take notes for classes
  • Organize research
  • Scan/take photos of pages you need for your textbook if you don't want to lug it around
  • Remember numbers
  • Window shopping
  • Edit notes with Skitch
  • Scan your handwritten notes and handouts
  • Use a shared notebook for a class projects
  • Create flashcards with Evernote Peek
  • Annotate pdfs
  • To-do lists/checkboxes
  • Save tweets
  • Take a picture of a whiteboard/blackboard
  • Create a voice note

How students used Evernote

Videos on how Stanford students used Evernote in their everyday life.

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General enquiries

For software issues, please visit and contact Evernote.