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Evernote: Other Helpful Evernote Tools

Resource guide to using Evernote for your research and note-taking.

Helpful Evernote tools

These tools will help you to use your Evernote account in new and interesting ways.

  • SlideNote
    Create presentation slides from a note in Evernote.
  • WebClipper
    Save items to your Evernote account as you find them online with this browser extension.
  • Evernote Peek
    Use Evernote and your iPad to create and quiz yourself on flashcards on any topic.
  • Evernote Clearly
    This browser extension will reformat web text to make it easier to use and to remove extraneous ads and images.
  • Evernote Food
    Use this application to save restaurants, meals, recipes and everything else food related.
  • Evernote Hello
    This app is designed to help you remember people you have met.
  • Evernote Trunk
    The Trunk is the repository for apps, browser extensions and other tools that can be used to make Evernote more powerful.


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General enquiries

For software issues, please visit and contact Evernote.