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BMS5702A Asian Management and Leadership: Learning from Zheng He: Home

This is a guide for you to explore the different kinds of resources available relating to BMS5702A Asian Management and Leadership. Happy exploring!


This subject guide serves as a bibliography of books, and journal articles available at the NUS Libraries, relating to topics on BMS5702A Asian Management and Leadership: Learning from Zheng He. This is not a complete list of every item available, but rather a selective list of materials highlighted.

How To Use This LibGuide

Click on the tabs at the top of the page to view the bibliography for each business topic.

1. You’ll find sections for Books, and Journal articles:


Here are what the library location codes mean:

CH Chinese Library
CL Central Library
HSSML Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library
LW C J Koh Law Library
MD Medical Library
MU Music Library
SC Science Library

 If the location is Closed Stacks, you can refer to the FAQ on Closed Stacks to find out how to get the book.

2. To find out whether the book is available to be borrowed, click on each title to go to the catalogue page, and look at its Status:

For instance, the above book is on loan. To learn more about status codes, and find out how to reserve books that are on loan, check out this guide.

Useful Library Tips & Tricks

  • Books in the main shelves can be loaned for 14 days for undergraduates, and 28 days for staff and graduate students. Refer to our help page on Loan entitlement of Library members for details on loan periods for different membership categories as well as material formats.


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