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BrowZine: Using BrowZine

A guide on how to use BrowZine to easily find, read, and monitor thousands of scholarly journals!

Adding Journals to BrowZine

Once you have configured BrowZine, the next thing you will need to do is to add journals into BrowZine.

First, click on the BrowZine Library option on the bottom of the screen:

Once you have done that, you can add journals by searching for the name of the journal or by exploring the journals related to the discipline that you are interested in by choosing the disciplines that are shown in BrowZine.

When you have selected the journal you want to add into your BrowZine, click on the bookshelf icon on the top right corner to add it into your BrowZine library:


This is how your bookshelf will look like once you have added the journals that you want to track and read.

Removing Journals from Bookshelf

Removing journals from your BrowZine bookshelf is easy. All you have to do is to click the icon at the top right of the screen which indicates the removal of the journal. Once you have clicked that, the journal is removed from your bookshelf.

Saving the Articles

Once you have acccessed the full-text of the article you are interested in, BrowZine also allows you to save the article via Zotero, Mendeley, by emailing yourself a copy or even sharing with your social contacts what you are reading via Facebook and Twitter.

To save the article, click on the icon on the top right of the app after you have accessed the article:


Once you have clicked on the icon, the options to save the article will be displayed. Choose the option that you are interested in.