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BrowZine: Support

A guide on how to use BrowZine to easily find, read, and monitor thousands of scholarly journals!

Common Issues

Authentication Failed message

If you encountered this error message when you tried to access a full-text article in BrowZine, it is highly likely that you keyed in the wrong NUSNET ID or Password. Please click on settings and key in the correct NUSNET ID and Password:

As BrowZine only checks the NUSNET account and password when you choose to see the full-text of an article, the NUSNET ID and Password when you first keyed in when you first accessed BrowZine might be wrong.

If you have forgotten your username or password, or you are facing NUSNET issues, please contact IT Care. Alternatively, you can also email us with screenshots and a brief description of the problems you are facing.


Where is my favourite journal?

While the BrowZine application does cover a large proportion of popular journals that are in our collection, some journals are not indexed in BrowZine.

If you wish to see your favourite journal in BrowZine, feel free to email us with the name and the ISSN of the journal. We will feedback to BrowZine to see if it is possible to include it.


Why can't I get the full-text article?

If you are unable to load the full-text in BrowZine after clicking on the article or if a message pops out and indicates that there is a broken link, please drop us an email and provide us with the screenshots and the title of the article that you are trying to access.

We will investigate the issue and try to resolve it as soon as possible.


My Bookshelf and BrowZine Account

What is My Bookshelf?

My Bookshelf is the area within BrowZine where you can organize your favorite journals so that the current issue is one click or tap away and so that BrowZine can help you stay up to date in your field!  Choose the "Add to My Bookshelf" button when viewing a journal to add that title to My Bookshelf.  You can then organize my bookshelf by moving the journals between multiple "shelves" and "bookcases" as well as renaming the shelves and bookcases to whatever you'd like!  Then, when you login on any device this configuration will automatically sync to that device and display red bubbles indicating that you have new articles available in that journal.


What is the BrowZine Account?

The BrowZine Account is the system used to provide personalization features throughout the BrowZine ecosystem.  Having a BrowZine Account is required for using My Bookshelf on all devices as it is used to tie together your iPhone and Laptop for example so that you only need to configure My Bookshelf on one device or the other (or both!) and the configuration will sync seamlessly between the devices.

The BrowZine Account is available on the mobile devices for all users with mobile access and at for libraries who have subscribed to this feature. 


What email can I use to create my BrowZine Account?  Does it matter?

In most cases, you can use any email you would like! 


Do I have to have an account?  Can I use BrowZine at all without one?

No, you do not have to have an account to use BrowZine.  You can still browse the shelves, look up titles, read tables of contents, and download articles.  However, in order to use the personalization feature of My Bookshelf and My Articles a BrowZine account is required so that we can synchronize and back-up your data across all devices and ensure that we keep your device accurately updated.


On the web at, how do I see My Bookshelf and/or add titles to My Bookshelf?

On the web you need to first login to your BrowZine Account to either see or edit My Bookshelf.  To do this, simply click on the link for "My Bookshelf" in the menu bar and you will see a login link. Then, when you navigate to a title you will see a new option available to you to add the title to My Bookshelf.

Once you click this button the title will be added to the next available open slot on My Bookshelf.  You can click back on the My Bookshelf tab to move this title to a new slot if you would like to personalize the organization of My Bookshelf.