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War Memory in Singapore and Malaya: Japanese Sources (Yale-NUS College): Relevant Readings/Secondary Sources

Notes on Secondary Sources

Here you can find a number of secondary literature relevant to war memory in both Japan and Singapore. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather a guide to a few examples of scholarship the viewer might find useful in investigating this theme. The 'General' section includes a non-comprehensive selection of works that may be useful to the student/scholar of memory studies, as well as links to journal article search engines. The 'Malaysia and Singapore' section includes a list of works that students/scholars focusing on the topic as it is treated in Singapore and Malaysia may find relevant.

Secondary Sources (General)

Secondary Sources (Singapore and Malaysia)

The following journal articles are part of a body of scholarship which the author has found personally useful for investigating this theme, and is not meant to be a comprehensive selection. For access to more articles, please refer to the 'Journal Articles (Databases)' tab on the left of this page.