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This subject guide covers resources available at NUS Libraries for Computing


Subject Classification for Computing

Subject Class/Call Number
Digital libraries Q224.5
Cybernetics Q300 - 390
Machine learning Q325.5 - 325.7
Artificial intelligence Q334 - 342
Information theory Q350 - 390
Computer science QA75 - 76
Programming QA76.6 - 76.66
Programming languages QA76.7 - 76.73
Computer software QA76.75 - 76.765
Other topics, A-Z QA76.9.A - 76.9.Z
Info. theory in biology QH507
Information technology T58.5 - 58.64
Computer-assisted drafting. Computer graphics T385
Optical data processing TA1630 - 1650
Telecommunication TK5101 - 5015.9
Computer networks TK5105.5 - 5105.9
Computer engineering. Computer hardware TK7885 - 7895
Word processing Z52-52.5
Subject Class/Call Number
Management of information systems HD30.213
Decision support systems HD30.213
Business information warehouse HF5548.4
Information technology and society
E.g. Internet as an instrument of social change, digital divide, etc
Information visualization QA76.9.I
Information technology and the economy HC79.I55
Computer science QA75 - 99
Computer security QA76.9.A25
Information systems (General) T58.5 - 58.64
Electronic government information resources ZA5060 - 5190

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