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Covid-19 Resources

Coronavirus Fact-Checking Resources

Fact-Checking Coronavirus Video

Video credit: Emilia Marcyk
Based on the SIFT Method developed by Mike Caufield

Coronavirus Fact Checking Resources (General) 
When fact-checking Coronavirus news, consider the following sites as a starting point. Due to the high volume of misinformation circulating about Coronavirus, many fact-checking websites are overwhelmed. You may need to check back after a few days have passed if you are looking for very recent information.

Coronavirus Fact Checking Resources (Singapore)
You can refer to the following websites if you received dubious information that mentioned something specific to Singapore:

Local Media Websites
Our media websites have also debunked fake newsHowever, not all of the media websites are exclusively about COVID-19.

Local Fact Checking Groups
The following groups work towards understanding and analyzing the views and opinions of Singaporeans. Using robust research methods, they uncover insights that matter the most to the local landscape.