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Decolonial Dialogues: Decolonial Dialogues

Decolonial Dialogues: Rethinking Dominant Narratives in the Modern Age

With the aim of spotlighting NUS Libraries' rare collection of colonial-era primary documents, Decolonial Dialogues: Rethinking Dominant Narratives in the Modern Age was conceived as a collaborative learning space to encourage rethinking of historical narratives and enhance research endeavours on campus. This space at the Singapore/Malaysia Collection (Central Library, NUS) serves as a platform to engage with our libraries’ resources critically through a decolonial methodology, which re-examines dominant histories and hegemonic narratives shaped by colonial perspectives and centering marginalised voices and perspectives. The space also employs the critical pedagogy of decolonisation which entails the transformation of colonised views and the holding of alternative knowledges. All projects within this space exercise critical reflexivity, and engage with imperialist and colonialist materials at multiple levels for a more critical understanding of underlying values, motivations, and assumptions. Autochthonous materials and knowledges are also incorporated to understand research and theory from previously Other-ed perspectives. We invite you to join us in Rethinking Dominant Narratives and challenge your existing beliefs with a critical perspective. Welcome to Decolonial Dialogues! Presented in the format of an exhibition, this space will feature thematic projects that are part of the Decolonial Dialogues series exploring decolonial narratives and other critical topics. These thematic projects will also be accompanied by talks and workshops. Keep a lookout for these! Contact the librarian via (Diyana) for more information.

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