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Search NUS Theses (Print) by Topic

At the Library portal, select LINC.

LINC search

On the LINC search page, you may search by keywords, by choosing Simple search (as shown below).

simple search option

The ensuing page enables you to enter keywords that best describe your topic for example e.g. youth volunt*, limiting the search within Theses (NUS) Collection:

linc simple search method

 quick tips  

When searching...

1. Use the (asterisk) sign to retrieve variant forms of the root word "volunt". This would retrieve other forms of the word after where the asterisk is placed. In this example, it would include volunteering, voluntarism, voluntarily, etc. 

2. The search operator (aka Boolean operator) 'AND' is automatically subsumed between the two keywords (youth AND volunt*).

Note: From 2018 onwards, undergraduate theses would be made available via our institutional repository ScholarBank@NUS. Click on the image below to access theses in ScholarBank@NUS.

sbank browse by thesis link

Search NUS Theses and Publications in ScholarBank@NUS

ScholarBank@NUS the institutional repository of National University of Singapore. This repository collects and preserves the scholarly output of NUS and makes it accessible worldwide. Also included in the search is the Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) which includes Master’s (by Research) and Ph.D students deposited with the Registrar’s Office