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GEH1049 Public Health in Action

About This Guide

This guide provides guidelines, resources, instructions and tips for your  GEH1049 research assignments. Below is a summary of what you can find in this guide. Click on the tabs on the left panel to find out more.

  1. E-Books on Public Health
    •  Selected titles providing overview, core issues, emerging and cross-disciplinary trends in public health in general as well those relating to Singapore, Malaysia and Asia.undefined
  2. Researching Public Health 
    • Basic steps for conducting research
    • Questions to consider when researching and writing your assignment
  3. Social-Ecological Model / Public Health Approach.
    • Application of two popular public health  frameworks in sample case studies
  4. Primary / Secondary Literature
    • Characteristics of primary and secondary literature
  5. Scholarly Sources
    • Identify scholarly articles and academic journals
  6. Grey Literature
    • Sources published outside the usual academic and commercial channels, but which make useful contribution to research.
  7. Finding Scholarly Information
    • Find out more about our FindMore search engine and recommended databases for finding scholarly articles, book chapters, ... 
  8. Searching
    • Develop a search statement that can be used to find books and journal articles in databases/search engines. 
    • Search tips for FindMore, Scopus and PubMed.
  9. Evaluating
    • ‚ÄčApply the CRAAP Test to determine Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose of selected search results
  10. Writing
    • Selected readings covering persuasive, analytical, argumentative and critical aspects of academic writing
  11. Citing
    • Cite your sources in order to avoid plagiarism - a serious act of misbehavior that reflects a lack of honesty in academic research.
  12. Citation Manager: ZoteroBib
    • Create a bibliography instantly from any computer or device using  ZoteroBib
  13. APA Citation Style Guide
    • Examples of references cited according to the American Psychological Association (APA) style..