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History (Yale-NUS College): Books

Subject Headings

Subject Headings are assigned to books and other materials in LINC to help categorize them across disciplines.  One item can have several subject headings.  Sometimes starting with the subject heading is a good way to learn about resources on your topic. Here is a small selection of History headings to get you started:


History, Ancient

China - History

Singapore - History

Africa - History

Europe - History

United States - History

Call Numbers

Books in the Library are also classified by call number.  Each call number represents a certain subject area.  It is likely that if you find one good book on your topic, there will be others nearby on the shelf about that same topic. Here are some suggestions:

D : World History

DA : World History - Great Britain

DE : World History - Grecco-Roman World

DS : World History - Asia

DT : World History - Africa

E : History of the Americas

F : History of the Americas

Reference materials