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Data and Statistics (Yale-NUS College): Citing

Guide on Statistical Sources


Citing Data

Citing Data and Statistics

General Guidelines

When you use numeric datasets or a prepared statistical table you must cite where you retrieved the information.  Data and statistical tables contain unique elements not specifically addressed by most citation styles.  Citations for data or statistical tables should include at least the following pieces of information, which you will need to arrange according to the citation style you use. 

  • Author or creator - the person(s), organization, issuing agency or agencies responsible for creating the dataset
  • Date of publication - the year the dataset was published, posted or otherwise released to the public (not the date of the subject matter).
  • Title or description - complete title or if no title exists, you must create a brief description of the data, including time period covered in the data if applicable
  • Publisher  - entity (organization, database, archive, journal) responsible for hosting the data
  • URL or DOI  - the unique identifier if the data set is online
  • Certain styles may also ask for additional information such as:
  • Edition or version
  • Date accessed online (Note: APA does not require this)
  • Format description e.g. data file, database, CD-ROM, computer software

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