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Finding and Using Free-Use Online Content

Looking for free images, sound, music or video to use in your PowerPoint, e-Learning video or other digital projects? Curated here is a list of databases containing free content. Check the license terms before use.

Right to be Identified Under Singapore Copyright Act (New!)

The Singapore Copyright Act 2021 introduced a new right to be identified. 

Identifications must be made in the way the author wishes to be identified and displayed prominently. 

Full details under section 373 of the Copyright Act.

Creative Commons Attribution Guidelines

Attribution is normally required when using someone else's copyrighted work. 

Creative Commons (CC)

Creative commons recommends the TASL approach:

T = Title
A = Author
S = Source
L = License

Examples of CC Attribution



T = It is the beautiful Egypt
A = Karim Essm
S = It is the beautiful Egypt (link to original Wikimedia Commons page)
L = Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International (link to license deed)

More examples of TASL at the Creative Commons wiki here:


Databases sometimes provide their own attribution guidelines e.g. Freesound.