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Mathematics & Statistics and Applied Probability: Main

Resource on Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Probability



This subject guide covers resources available at the NUS Libraries. This is not a comprehensive subject guide, but rather a selective list of materials that are most useful for locating information in Mathematics, Statistics & Applied Probability.

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  • NUS Libraries' services, resources and facilities;
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  • Individual or group advisory on in-depth research query on the subject.

Key Resources

Main databases for finding mathematics, statistics & applied probability literature
Web of Science


Subject Classification for Library Materials on Mathematics

All printed materials such as books and journals in NUS Libraries are assigned with a Call Number following the Library of Congress classification system. These are the "codes" pasted on the spine of the book, such as QA303.2 Wei 2014.

The beauty of such classification is that all titles on the same/similar topics will be arranged next to each other on the bookshelves, allowing users to enjoy an efficient browsing experience. The following table lists the major categories under the LC classification system for the subject of Mathematics.

Subject Call Number
General Mathematics QA 1 - QA43
Mathematical Tables QA47 - QA59
Instruments & Machines QA71 - QA90
Computer Science, Electronic Computers QA75.5 - QA76.95
Programming Languages (C, C++, JAVA, Python, etc) QA76.73
Computer Software QA76.75 - QA76.765
Elementary Mathematics; Arithmetic QA101 - QA145
Algebra QA150 - QA272.5
Probabilities. Mathematical statistics QA273 - QA280
Analysis QA299.6 - QA433
Geometry. Trigonometry. Topology QA440 - QA699
Analytic mechanics QA801- QA939


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