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Standards: Eurocodes

This subject guide covers major sets of standards available at NUS Libraries: SS, BS, IEC, IEEE and ASTM.

FAQs on Eurocodes


Eurocodes adopted by Singapore including the National Annexes are available only in hard copy at Central Library, Closed Stacks. As Britain has adopted Eurocodes and has its own National Annexes as well, current students and staff of NUS [not external members] can access soft copies of those via British Standards Online .

  • Are the British soft copies exactly the same as the hard copies at the Central Library Closed Stacks?

              It depends on whether Singapore follows the corrigenda (if any) that the British follow.
              The Library is unable to advise if Singapore follows the corrigenda (if any).

            National Annexes:
              No, because National Annexes differ from country to country.

1.      What are Eurocodes?
         Structural Eurocodes are a set of  harmonized European standards for the design of buildings and civil engineering structures. There are 10 of them made up of 58 parts.

·         Singapore has adopted some of them. They came into effect on 1 April 2013.

·         All have prefix SS EN while the original European standards each has prefix EN.

·         Britain has adopted all of them. All have prefix BS EN.

2.      What are National Annexes?
          National Annexes contain parameters left open for national choice. Parameters include

                                                               i.      Climate

                                                             ii.      Legislation

·         Each Eurocode that Singapore adopts has a National Annex which must be used in conjunction with it. The prefix to National Annex is NA to SS EN

·         Each in the British set, except for BS EN 1998-3 also comes with a National Annex. The prefix to British set is NA to BS EN

3.       What is the full set of Eurocodes?

Base Eurocode - Basis of structural design
Needed for use with all other Eurocodes

Eurocode 1 Series - Action on structures
Eurocode 2 Series - Design of concrete structures
Eurocode 3 Series - Design of steel structures
Eurocode 4 Series - Design on composite steel and concrete structures
Eurocode 5 Series - Design of timber structures
Eurocode 6 Series - Design of masonry structures
Eurocode 7 Series - Geotechnical design
Eurocode 8 Series - Design of structures for earthquake resistance
Eurocode 9 Series - Design of aluminium structures


4.      Which are the ones Singapore has adopted?


 Code Ref (S’pore)


 # parts in standard

 # parts in NA


 SS EN 1990

 Basis of structural design




 SS EN 1991

 Actions on structures




 SS EN 1992

 Design of concrete structures




 SS EN 1993

 Design of steel structures




 SS EN 1994

 Design of composite steel and concrete structures




 SS EN 1997

 Geotechnical design




 SS EN 1998

 Design of structures for earthquake resistance: General rules, seismic actions and rules for buildings

 Singapore is adopting only  part 1 of six parts


5.      Does the Library have all of the Eurocodes that Singapore has adopted and the accompanying National Annexes?
          Yes. The soft copy is Singapore standards database. Downloaded from the database is not possible. Use IE or Microsoft Edge only.The hard copies are at the Closed Stacks

6.      Where is Closed Stacks?

Closed stacks are special storage areas not accessible to users. Typically old or low circulating items are stored there. This helps to save space since items stored in closed stacks can be stored more compactly.

If you need access to closed stacks item, please request the item online first and we will then retrieve the item for you to collect at the appropriate loans desk

7.      Does the Library Have All of Structural Eurocodes that Britain Has adopted and the Accompanying National Annexes?
         Yes. They are in British Standards Online


8.      If the Singapore standard, e.g. SS EN 1991-2 (2010) has been misplaced, can I use the soft copy of BS EN 1991-2:2003 from British Standards Online?
 It depends on whether Singapore follows the December 2004 and April 2010 amendments that the British made. Do not let the date 2003 mislead you into thinking the standard was last updated in 2003. You need to click on View details, followed by Quick view or Download PDF to check for updates.

The Library is unable to advise if Singapore follows any of the corrigenda for any of the British standard.

In the British standard itself, the start and finish of text introduced or altered by amendment is indicated in the text by tags. E.g.

                                    i.      What is indicated within those tags might not apply to Singapore.

                                    ii.      The rest of the British standard is exactly the same as the Singapore standard and the original European standard.

9.      If the National Annex to SS EN 1991-2 (2010) has been misplaced, can I pull out the soft copy of the National Annex to  BS EN 1991-2:2003 from British Standards Online?
No, because National Annexes differ from country to country.