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Subject Headings

Subject Headings are assigned to books and other materials in LINC to help categorize them across disciplines.  One item can have several subject headings.  Sometimes starting with the subject heading is a good way to learn about resources on your topic.  Here is a small selection of Urban Studies-focused headings to get you started:


Cities and towns

Human geography

Sociology, urban

Urban policy



Call numbers

Books in the Library are also classified by call number.  Each call number represents a certain subject area.  It is likely that if you find one good book on your topic, there will be others nearby on the shelf about that same topic.  Browse the shelves!!!

D, DA, DB, DC, etc. -   World history and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.  To determine the particular call number for your country or region of interest, visit this page.


GF101-127 Settlements

GF125 Cities.Urban geography

GF127 Rural settlements. Rural geography

HE305-311 Urban transportation

HT101-395 Urban groups. The city. Urban sociology

HT161-165 Garden cities. "The city beautiful"

HT165.5-169.9 City planning

HT170-178 Urban renewal. Urban redevelopment

HT201-221 City population; Including children in cities, immigration

HT231 Effect of city life

HT251-265 Mental and moral life

HT281 Recreation. Amusements

HT321-325 The city as an economic factor. City promotion

HT330-334 Metropolitan areas

HT351-352 Suburban cities and towns

HT361-384 Urbanization. City and country

HT388 Regional economics. Space in economics

HT390-395 Regional planning


Handbooks @ NUSL

Reference eBooks @ NUSL

The NUS Libraries have significant print and online resources relating to urban studies and human geography.  Below is an abridged list of resources to get you started.  Remember that the Library organizes information by SUBJECT.  So, items that are similar in topic will be grouped together by Call Number.