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Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 8th Ed.: Home

Also known as the "McGill Guide", this is the preferred style guide for legal writing at the NUS Law Faculty

Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation

  Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 8th ed (Toronto: Carswell, 2014) ("McGill Guide")

Location (NUS Law Library) Call Number No. of Copies
Law RBR (1-week loan) KB280.2 Can 2014 2
Law Reference Office KB280.2 Can 2014 1 (use in library)
Law RBR (2-hour loan) KB280.2 Can 2014 1

Why Cite? : Some Background

Purposes of Citation

1. Helps the reader trace the source of the information you provide.

"The central function of a legal citation is to allow the reader to efficiently locate the cited source."

The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, ed (Cambridge, MA: Published and distributed by the Harvard Law Review Association, 2010).

2. Lend credibility to your work. Providing authoritative and relevant sources shows that your work is well researched. 

3. Avoids plagiarism. You must not present the ideas of others without attribution.


Purposes of Legal Citation

The following article can provide an understanding and appreciation of the values / norms that inform legal citation:-

Paul Axel-Lute, Legal Citation Form: Theory and Practice,  75 Law Libr. J. 148 1982. (Access via Heinonline or LexisNexis)

Abstract: "Citations are the cornerstone upon which judicial opinions and law review articles stand. Citations provide both authorial verification of the original source material at the moment they are used and the needed information for readers to later find the cited source."

About this Guide

This guide is intended to be a quick reference for citing legal publications from selected common law jurisdictions (e.g. Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada). It is to be used as a supplementary to the McGill Guide.

It might be especially useful for students of Legal Analysis, Research & Communication LC1016 who wish to have a quick overview of citation rules.

Rules for formats or details not included in this guide can be found in the print book (available in our library at KB280.2 Can 2014).

Full-text of the McGill Guide is not available online. There are, however, some good free online guides to the McGill Guide.

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