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Historical Sources of Singapore Law: Subsidiary Legislation

Subsidiary Legislation

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Period Title Location
1867-1941 [Orders, rules and regulations]
found in the Straits Settlements government gazette

Ref: J8 S1

(1) *Straits Settlements government gazette, 1867-1942 [electronic resource] : CO 276

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A selection of Gazettes on BookSG has been captured in this file: SSGG

1874 General orders of the Straits government for 1873, together with an index (by W.D.F. Moore)
Online: BookSG
1889-1940 Orders and rules and regulations by His Excellency the Governor in Council during the year ...
(variations in title)
Ref: K7446 S
(1905 Rev Ed)
The orders, rules and regulations made by His Excellency the Governor of the Straits Settlements under the Ordinances from 1867 to 1904 and under the Indian Acts also orders made by Her Majesty the Queen in Council and His Majesty the King in Council in force in the Colony of the Straits Settlements on the 30th December 1904
(revised edition compiled by Charles Goodricke Garrard; published in 1905)

Law Library only has Vol. 1 (1867-1887)
Ref: K7446 1905

1929 By-laws framed by the municipal commissioners of Singapore Town under Ordinance no.135 (municipal) and confirmed by His Excellency the Governor in Council
Ref: K7446 Sin
(1934 Rev Ed)
The subsidiary legislation of the Straits Settlements
(edited by J.H. Pedlow; revised to 31st Dec 1934)
Ref: K7446 1934
1939 Sundry rules and regulations made by the Municipal Commissioners of Singapore Town
Ref: K7446 Sun
1941-42 Supplement to the Laws of the Straits Settlements : containing orders, proclamations, rules, regulations, bye-laws and notices made or issued and published between the 1st January, 1941, and the 14th February, 1942 ...
(published in 1948)
Ref: K7446 S
1945-46 British Military Administration, Malaya. Gazette. Singapore Division
(also known as the British Military Administration proclamations)

Ref: K7402 Sin

Online: *CO 932/1



Orders, rules and regulations found in the Supplement to the government gazette/government gazette supplement

Notifications and proclamations found in the Colony of Singapore Government Gazette

Ref: K7449 S

Ref: J8 S2

1963 - Government gazette subsidiary legislation supplement

Note: Special supplement number Sp. No. S (or SpS) is used from 16 Sep 1963 till end 1965

Ref: K7449 SLS

Online: Singapore Statutes Online (selected 1961, 1963, 1973-75, 1981, 1984, 1989, 1991 - )

1990 - The Subsidiary legislation of the Republic of Singapore
(Revised Edition)

Ref: K7449 1990

Singapore Statutes Online (selected 1975, 1981, 1989 - 2014)
(2) *eGazette (1998 - )

1990 - Current subsidiary legislation
(unofficial version)
Online: Singapore Statutes Online

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