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Historical Sources of Singapore Law: Constitutional Documents

Constitutional Documents

Reports of the various Constitutional Commissions over the years:
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Report of the Constitutional Commission, Singapore (1954)

The Constitutional Commission, headed by George Rendel, was appointed on 21 July 1953. The Rendel Commission Report, as it is more commonly referred to, paved the way for internal self-government of Singapore.

More info: HistorySG


Ref: K7374 SCR 1954

Online: BookSG

Report of the Federation of Malaya Constitutional Commission 1957

The Constitutional Commission was appointed to draw up the Constitution of the Federation of Malaya prior to Malayan independence from the United Kingdom. The Commission was headed by Lord William Reid, and hence the report is commonly referred to as the Reid Commission Report.

Ref: K7379 1957

Online: *Sessional papers of the Colonial government of the Federation of Malaya, 1948-1960 [electronic resource] : CO941 (see CO941/29, p203)

Report of the Constitutional Commission 1966

The Constitutional Commission, headed by then Chief Justice Wee Chong Jin, was appointed in December 1965 to propose ways for the rights and interests of racial, linguistic and religious minorities to be safeguarded in the Constitution.

More info: HistorySG

Ref: K7374 SCR 1966

Online: Archives Online (Government Records)

Report of the Constitutional Commission 2016

The Constitutional Commission, led by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, was appointed in February 2016 to review specific aspects of the Elected Presidency.

More info: Singapore Infopedia

Ref: K7374 Scc 2016


Other Historical Documents

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