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Historical Sources of Singapore Law: Bills


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Period Title Location
1858-60, 1865 Bill (laid before the Legislative Council of India)
found in the Straits government gazette
Ref: J8 S
1867 - 1942 Bill (laid before the Legislative Council of the Straits Settlements)
found in the Straits Settlements government gazette

Ref: J8 S1

(1)*Straits Settlements government gazette, 1867-1942: CO 276 

(2) National Library Online (selected)


Bill (laid before

  • Colony of Singapore Advisory Council (1947-48)
  • Singapore Legislative Council (1948-55) 
  • Singapore Legislative Assembly (1955-62)

found in the Supplement to the government gazette/government gazette supplement

Ref: K7449 S
1963 - Government gazette bills supplement

Ref: K7499 SB

(1) Singapore Statutes Online (1961 - ; PDFs from 2011)

(2) eGazette (1998 - )

(3) Bills introduced (2006 - )


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