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History: An Introduction: Exam Papers

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Exam Papers Database

The Exam Papers database contains past  NUS examination papers received from the Registrar's Office. The database contents are updated whenever new papers are released by the Office.  Access to the  Exam  database is restricted to staff and students of NUS only.

How to search for exam papers for a particular module?

1. At the Library portal (, select the "Exam Papers" tab. 

2. Enter the module number of the required paper:

 3. You will be prompted to log in if you have not done so earlier. Enter your NUSNET ID and password:

Why can't I find any past year exam papers for my module?

Not all exam papers are allowed to be released to the students by the faculties and departments. If you are unable to find the exam paper in the exam database, please contact the relevant department or faculty for more information.

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