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Religious Studies (Yale-NUS College): Books

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Subject Headings

Subject Headings are assigned to books and other materials in LINC to help categorize them across disciplines.  One item can have several subject headings.  Sometimes starting with the subject heading is a good way to learn about resources on your topic.  Here is a small selection of religion-focused headings to get you started:






Religion and Culture

Religion and Literature

Call numbers

Books in the Library are also classified by call number.  Each call number represents a certain subject area.  It is likely that if you find one good book on your topic, there will be others nearby on the shelf about that same topic.  Browse the shelves!!!

BM 1-999 Judaism

BP 1-610 Islam, Bahai, Theosophy

BQ 1-9519 Buddhism

BR 1-1725 Christianity

BS 1-2970 The Bible

BX 1-9999 Christian Denominations

Finding Background Information

The NUS Libraries have significant print resources relating to the religions of the world.  Below is an abridged list of resources to get you started.  Remember that the Library organizes information by SUBJECT.  So, items that are similar in topic will be grouped together by Call Number and may have similar Subject Headings.

Reference Materials - Getting Started