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Finding Thesis

Shows you how to locate & obtain a thesis in NUS Libraries.

Note on NUS Thesis

NUS Final Year Project (FYP) and Academic Exercises (AE), Hons Year Thesis are available in print only. Older NUS Masters & PhD thesis are in print as well. However, papers from September 2003 would be on our online institutional repository ScholarBank@NUS.

 For Academic Exercises, Theses & Dissertations by students from Department of Chinese Studies

Availability of FYP,  AE and Hons Yr papers at the library varies, depending on what was provided by faculty/department/school. Note that a some such as those from SDE, may be kept at their department library IRC

Search NUS Theses (Print) by Topic

At the Library portal, select LINC.

LINC search

On the LINC search page, you may search by keywords, by choosing Simple search (as shown below).

simple search option

The ensuing page enables you to enter keywords that best describe your topic for example e.g. youth volunt*, limiting the search within Theses (NUS) Collection:

linc simple search method

 quick tips  

When searching...

1. Use the (asterisk) sign to retrieve variant forms of the root word "volunt". This would retrieve other forms of the word after where the asterisk is placed. In this example, it would include volunteering, voluntarism, voluntarily, etc. 

2. The search operator (aka Boolean operator) 'AND' is automatically subsumed between the two keywords (youth AND volunt*).

Note: From 2018 onwards, undergraduate theses would be made available via our institutional repository ScholarBank@NUS. Click on the image below to access theses in ScholarBank@NUS.

sbank browse by thesis link

Search By Faculty/School/Dept

Print copies of Honours Year Academic Exercises (AE), Masters theses and PhD dissertations received from NUS faculty, department and school have been assigned unique call numbers. 

To know the call number assigned, go to this page: Print Theses Call Numbers by Dept / Faculty / School.

How to Search by Faculty / School / Department

  1. Go to the Library portal, select LINC
  2. in LINC search page, choose Call Number - Library of Congress

linc_main_call number  


3. You can then enter (A) the unique thesis Call Number assigned to a subject/department, followed by the year in which it was submitted, and (B) limit search by Theses (NUS) CollectionMore on Theses Call Number .

linc search theses by call number


4. On the results page, click on the Call Number of the required thesis to view full catalogue record. 

5. On the catalogue record page, select Request to have the item retrieved from the Closed Stacks. Click this link to know more about Closed Stacks items