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Library Essentials

New to NUS? Welcome to Library Essentials!

Top 10 must-knows for freshies to survive NUS (library version)

Note: Also for the NUS library newbie who has yet to venture into library grounds since entering NUS 😊



Throughout your life in NUS, you will need the NUSNET ID for just about anything digital in NUS:

  • NUSNET ID makes up your NUS email address e.g.
  • The password is alphanumeric e.g. abc123%&# which you can reset anytime here
  • You need it to access your lecture notes on Canvas, library subscribed journals or past year exam papers, e-forms, just to name a few
  • Any issue with the NUSNET ID or password, contact NUS IT Care


#2: Student or staff ID

  • The student or staff ID is your student or staff number on your card e.g.
    • A0987654K
    • 500001
  • The password is a numerical PIN e.g. 123456789 which you can set/reset anytime here
  • You need the card for the library e.g. borrow or renew books, check library account, request for physical materials
  • You also need it to take your exams and gain access to restricted spaces e.g. NUS computer labs
  • Any issues with your student/staff card, contact NUS Libraries

To sum it up:


#3: Library PIN

A commonly asked question when you want to borrow a library book: what is my library PIN?? It is the PIN associated with your NUS card ID (see #2). Set/reset your library PIN here.

Note: do not mistake Library PIN with Smartcard PIN which you only need for restricted card entry access.

#4: NUS Card (electronic)

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Do you know that you have an electronic version of your student or staff card? You can find it on uNivUS app or you can download the NUS Card app to access it. Forgot to bring your physical student or staff card to enter Central Library? Use your eCard!

#5: Study spaces at the Library (mostly!)

NUS Libraries has a selection of library spaces for you to choose from, all armed with power points, air-con and Wi-Fi. Remember to check the library’s opening hours to not be disappointed. Discussion rooms also available for booking if you need some privacy!

Check out the recently renovated Central Library

  • Collaborative and group study spaces: Level 1, 3, 4
  • Quiet study spaces: Level 5 and 6

24-hour study spaces (you need to be a current NUS student/staff and have your physical NUS card on hand)

  • Medical Library’s Reading Area
  • CJ Koh Law Library’s Angsana Room
  • UTown PC and Mac Common Rooms

#6: Module reading list 

You are often given a list of reading materials to prepare for your lessons. It is up to you to find these materials and stay on top of class workloads. These materials may be provided by your lecturers, and sometimes you must source for them by yourself from the library or online. Common reading materials include:

  • Must-read textbooks that your lecturer placed at the library’s Reserved Books & Readings (RBR) (course number = module code) – use student/staff ID to borrow. Watch this short video!
  • Journal articles you can find online – use your NUSNET ID to access
  • E-textbooks you can find online – use your NUSNET ID to access
  • Scanned book chapters or news articles that your lecturer placed on Canvas (known as Course Readings) – use your NUSNET ID to access

Find out more about the reading list!

#7: Loan entitlement

Know how many books you can borrow at any one time here, including RBR and other materials.

#8: Borrowing and returning books

The process of borrowing books is pretty straightforward. Just know that if you borrow an RBR item, you must return it to the place you got them from, not the bookdrop!


#9: Printing spots

Updated 18 May 2022

NUS Libraries

Central Library Level 5

CJ Koh Library Level 1 (Bukit Timah Campus)

FASS AS8 Level 2 Computer Cluster

E3 outside Cheers Level 4


SDE4 IRC Level 2

SDE1 Building Service Lab


Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Level 1


Goh Brothers

EH Eusoff Hall Admin Block Level 4
PGPR Block 22 L1 Seminar Room 5C

Raffles Hall Block A


UTown Residence Level 1 (Lounge Area)

ERC PC Commons

ERC outside Seminar Rooms 4 & 5

ERM MAC Commons

ERC Starbucks



#10: Past year exam papers

Need more be said? Here you go: 

Click here for a simple guide.

#11: Bonus - if you need more help

Drop by the library reception desk to ask for help, email us at, or look around our library FAQs and Resource Guides for help. Help beyond library stuff? Just an email or call away!

What kind of help? Who can I approach?
Writing and oral presentation Centre for English Language Communication
Wellness UHC Counselling Service
Assistive technology equipment Student Accessibility Unit
Email accounts, access, NUS Card NUS IT Care
Library loans, discussion room booking Email Library Loans at or call 6516-6949
Financial aid Office of Admissions
MS Office, NUS VPN and other needful software NUS IT Services
Citation and referencing Library Guide on Citation Styles
Nifty tool recommendations for research NUS Libraries Online Tools