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Find Library Resources: Exam Papers

The guide to help you search for items within NUS Libraries


NUS Libraries provides access to the Examination Papers (Exam) database which consists of past examination papers (not midterms, SM2 etc) of the National University of Singapore that were released by the Registrar's Office. 

The database is updated whenever the Library receives new examination papers from the Faculties/Schools. 

Please note that access to the database is restricted to staff and student of NUS only.


To access the database, head to the library portal.

Click on Exam Papers link

exam papers link

Enter your NUSNET ID and password to access the database

Choose the Examination Papers Database option

exam database option

Select your search criteria. Most often, you can just enter Module Code or Module Name

The results page will list the module code, module name and the relevant academic semester, enabling you to click your chosen option.

NOTE: For papers not provided by the faculty, you will see this in the Note column


Search by using other criteria, eg. Faculty, Year of Examination etc. may provide more flexibility in searching as you are able to combine fields, use operators to limit your searches and sort your data.


Facing issues while trying to access? Email