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Find Library Resources: Course Readings

The guide to help you search for items within NUS Libraries

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Required/compulsory readings of modules are normally place in the RBR Collection in respective libraries.

Each loan duration of RBR books is for 2-hours only. Overnight loan is available two hours before the Library closes. Overnight loans must be returned within one hour after the Library opens the next working day. You can borrow RBR items using the self-checkout machine.

RBR books must be returned to the RBR station of the Library where it was borrowed. A fine of $1.00 per hour is charged for overdue loan.

So, how would you know if the book you are required to read is in the RBR Collection? Please see the example of a record you would see in the Library's catalogue (LINC):

a) Books highlighted in yellow are accessible online. It is placed in RBR as it can be accessed by a limited number of users at the same time.

b) Books highlighted in blue are hardcopies. You will need to go to the Library indicated, and head to the RBR Collection to loan it out.

image rbr online and hardcopy