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Patents: FAQs & Materials to Read

Resources for Patent Information


This page contains FAQs, guides and other tips that may be helpful to you as you learn more about patents and intellectual property.

For information on library tutorials, patent searching, please go to the "Tutorials, Guides, Etc." tab

FAQs, Business Guides, Reports, Videos

FAQs - How To Find or Read A Patent 

  • How to find if I have a patent number? (NUS Libraries)
    • Quick guide on how to find the patent document if you have the number
  • How to read a patent document (NUS Libraries)
    • This is a short 5 minutes video on how to read a patent document as well as some quick tips on searching patents. Please login to watch video (for NUS staff and students only).

General Information on Patents and Intellectual Property

Journal Articles / Books / E-books


General Information / FAQs on patents

Useful links to technology, landscape reports, etc.