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Research Methods: Sage Research Methods (SRM)

About Sage Research Methods (SRM)

Sage Research Methods is:

  • An online platform of resources for anyone doing research or learning how to do research. Based on SAGE’s well-known research methods list, SRM provides information on:
    • Writing a research question
    • Conducting a literature review
    • Choosing a research method
    • Collecting and analyzing data, and
    • Writing up the findings
  • Designed to help you answer your methods and statistics questions, support your project or research methods course, and get more insight into all things methods
  • For all types of researchers and levels of experience
  • A mix of originally commissioned SAGE content and licensed content from other educational content providers.

Sage Research Methods: Overview  
The following video tutorial provides a brief overview of SAGE Research Methods and the related tools. Learn about the types of content available, how the content has been tagged with a unique taxonomy to provide targeted search results, and the unique features and functionality of the platform.

See Full Playlist on the SAGE YouTube Channel

  SRM Contents  

  • Books on different aspects of research.
    • The Little Blue Books series contains information about qualitative methods such as participatory action research, discourse analysis, and ethnography. 
    • The Little Green Books series contains information about quantitative methods (i.e. number crunching) - things like regression, survey data, and time series analysis.
  • Videos and podcasts   that bring research methods alive.
  • Reference materials such as an encyclopedia of research terminology.
  • Cases that provide real-world examples of research methods. These are a step by step walk-through written by the researcher who conducted the research.
  • Datasets that you can use to practice conducting statistical analysis.
  • SAGE research methods also has several different tools (e.g. Project Planner) to access the many items in the database.
  Subject Coverage  
  • SRM's coverage spans the full range of research methods used in the social and behavioral sciences, plus a wide range of methods commonly used in sciencetechnologymedicine, and the humanities.

Visit our library portal > select Databases tab > enter Sage research methods > Search. 

access SRM new


At the next screen, click on the Sage research methods. You will be prompted to login with your NUSNET ID and password if you have not done so earlier.

Alternatively, login to Sage Research Methods here

1. Navigating the SRM Homepage 

1.1. There is a search function where you can type in a term and get a list of related content:

SM search


1.2. Below the search box, is a series of icons that let you access content by type. There are books, videos, reference items, the Little Green Books, the Little Blue Books, cases, datasets, the project planner, and podcasts.


1.3. If you scroll further down, you'll see the list of disciplines. You can select one of these disciplines to see research methods about your particular area of study:



1.4. Scrolling down further, you can access the Methods Map followed by SRM Instructional Videos:


1.5. Then there are buttons to access cases, datasets, videos, and this button called Hot Topics. Each quarter, the Sage Research Methods editors pick a hot topic and pull together relevant content.

   2.  Browsing   

2.1. Go to the top of the page and click on the Browse menu to browse by:​    

  • Topic
  • Discipline such as psychology, geography, or nursing.
  • Content Type




What this space is about?

  • Sponsored by SAGE Publishing, this site is for researchers, academic and students to network and share research, resources and debates.
  • Users have free access to selected journal articles, book chapters, etc which highlight emerging topics in the field.

What you can do in MethodSpace?

  • Create your own research profile page with podcasts...
  • Read, discuss and debate regularly posted articles...
  • Launch an interest/research group for your field
  • Start a blog; upload poster presentations; post meetings
  • Check out and share teaching resources, syllabi...

Browse MethodSpace by:

  • Video Hub - Enjoy hearing from experts in this collection of SAGE videos!
  • Groups - By categories including big data, research method, domain, institutional, resource sharing, conference, project...
  • Discussion - Discussion topics/forums by number of voices, posts and freshness (recency)
  • Events - Upcoming events.
  • Big Data Hub - ​Dedicated to the discussion and advancement of Big Data Analysis
  • Mentor Space - Where practicing researchers share “how to” make research easier.       

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