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ASEAN Law Resources: Brunei Darussalam

Introduction & Legal System

ASEAN Judiciaries Portal: Brunei
Information on the legal system of Brunei published by the Council of ASEAN Chief Justices.

Legal System in Brunei Darussalam
Overview of the legal system published by the ASEAN Law Association.

Southeast Asia Legal Research Guide: Brunei Darussalam Legal Research
Research guide maintained by the MLS Academic Research Service, Melbourne Law School.

Legal Resources
Official portal of the Negara Brunei Darussalam Government.

Prime Minister's Office Brunei Darussalam
Another gateway to official information on the government of Brunei, including links to the

A. Legislature
Jabatan Majlis-Majlis Mesyuarat (Department of Councils of State)
Contains Laporan (Hansard) of the Legislative Council in Bahasa Melayu Brunei.

B. Laws
Legislation On-Line

Database maintained by the Attorney General's Chambers. Resources include

C. Treaties
ICRC Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries : Brunei Darrusalam
Human rights treaties to which Brunei is a party. Published by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

International Investment Agreements Navigator : Brunei Darrusalam
Investment agreements that Brunei is a party to. Published on the Investment Policy Hub, UNCTAD.

BAILLII: Privy Council
At least one of the parties is Bruneian in the first 15 decisions of the search results in BAILLII.

High Court of Brunei Decisions
Selected decisions are available via the CommonLII website (1987-97)

Judiciary (State Judiciary)
The website, run by the State Judiciary Department, contains judgments of the following courts:

  • Court of Appeal (1987 -)
  • High Court (1987 -)
  • Intermediate Court (2005 -)
  • Magistrate's Court (2019 -)

Judiciary (CACJ)
Overview of the judicial system and courts published by the Council of ASEAN Chief Justices.


Law reports in the Law Library:
The Brunei law reports
This 2-volume work contains judgments of the Brunei courts from 1965 to 1986.

This section features a selection of books on Brunei law. Unless otherwise stated, books are located in the Law Library.

For more books, search the library catalogue, LINC:

      Online: ebook

Lexis Advance Singapore
The Malayan Law Journal contains a selection of cases where at least one party is Bruneian.