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ASEAN Law Resources: Philippines

Introduction & Legal System

ASEAN Judiciaries Portal: Philippines
Information on the legal system of Phlippines published by the Council of ASEAN Chief Justices.

Chan Robles Virtual Law Library
ChanRobles & Associates Law Firm presents a goldmine of Philippine legal resources on its website.

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP)
Official organisation of all Philippine lawyers whose names appear in the Roll of Attorneys of the Supreme Court.

LAWPHiL Project
Project of the Arellano Law Foundation to digitise and make available all Philippine laws, statutes, jurisprudence, presidential decrees, executive orders, administrative orders, lawyers' tools and other legal materials.

Legal System in Philippines
Overview of the legal system published by the ASEAN Law Association.

Philippine Legal Information Resources and Citations (Part 2)
Published by Milagros Santos-Ong, retired Director of the Library Services of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, on GlobaLex (Jan/Feb 2020).

Philippine Legal Research (Part 1)
Published by Milagros Santos-Ong, retired Director of the Library Services of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, on GlobaLex (Jan/Feb 2020).

Southeast Asian Legal Research Guide: Philippines
Exhaustive research guide maintained by the MLS Academic Research Service, Melbourne Law School.

Legal Resources

Department of Justice
Opinions of the Secretary of Justice as well as rules and procedures relating to the administration of justice.

National Government Portal
Official portal of the Philippine government.

Office of the President
Access to government issuances, including administrative and executive orders.

A. Legislature

Congress of the Philippines
The Congress of the Philippines is the national legislature of the Philippines. It is a bicameral body consisting of the

B. Laws

LAWPHiL Project
Funded by the Arellano Law Foundation. Contains statutes and legal updates.

Legislative Information System (LEGIS)
Search-based system that allows access to the full texts of Bills from the 8th Congress. Maintained by the House of Representatives.

Official Gazette
​Official journal of the Republic of the Philippines containing, inter alia, Republic acts, executive orders and proclamations. Website is the online version of the print edition.

Philippines Laws, Statutes and Codes
Published in the Chan Robles Virtual Law Library.

Republic Acts (House of Representatives)
Acts of the 18th Congress.

Supreme Court E-Library
Portal which serves the entire Philippines judiciary. Primary source of information for Philippine laws and contains the complete compilation of the sources of law and statutes.

C. Treaties

ICRC Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries : Philippines
Human rights treaties to which Philippines is a party. Published by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

International Investment Agreements Navigator : Philippines
Investment agreements that the Philippines is a party to.

Supreme Court E-Library
Portal contains bilateral treaties (1929 - 2012) and multilateral treaties (1932 - 2007)

Court of Appeals
Information about the court as well as the latest decisions and resolutions.

Court of Tax Appeals
Decisions of the court are available in full text (1954 -)

Judiciary (CACJ)
Overview of the judicial system and courts. Published by the Council of ASEAN Chief Justices.

LAWPHiL Project
Funded by the Arellano Law Foundation. Contains judicial issuances of the various courts as well as case updates.

National Privacy Commission
Advisory opinions of the Commission from 2017 onwards.

Special court which has jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases involving graft and corrupt practices and such other offenses committed by public officers and employees. Decisions from 2003.

Supreme Court Decisions
Decisions from 1901 published in the Chan Robles Virtual Law Library.

Supreme Court of the Philippines
Official webpage of the Supreme Court containing the latest court issuances including decisions, resolutions, administrative orders, etc. The Supreme Court E-Library also provides access to decisions of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

A. Open access journals

Court of Appeals Journal
Full text of the journal published by the Court of Appeals (2008 -). Click on REFERENCES in the top menu for access. Journals are found under heading no.13 in the list.

IBP Journal
The latest issues of the journal of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines are available in full text.

Philippine Yearbook of International Law
Published jointly by the U.P. Law Complex and Philippine Society of International Law. Open access from 2017.

B. Journals in NUS Libraries

Philippine Law Journal
Publication managed by the Editorial Board, composed of select students of the University of the Philippines College of Law. Established in 1914.

This section features a selection of the more current law and law-related books for Philippines. Unless otherwise stated, books are located in the Law Library.

For more books, search the library catalogue, LINC:

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