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ASEAN Law Resources: Thailand

Introduction & Legal System

ASEAN Judiciaries Portal: Thailand
Information on the Thai legal system published by the Council of ASEAN Chief Justices.

Chulalongkorn University Intellectual Repository
This is a digital collection of full text academic works by faculty members, researchers and graduate students of Chulalongkorn University. It includes theses, research reports and journal articles.

Legal System in Thailand
Overview of the legal system published by the ASEAN Law Association.

Researching Thai Law in English
Useful research guide by Julienne Grant, Loyola University School of Law Library.

Southeast Asia Legal Research Guide: Thailand
Exhaustive research guide maintained by the MLS Academic Research Service, Melbourne Law School.

A Summary of the Thailand Law and Legal System
Overview of Thai law by Joe Leeds, managing partner of Chaninat & Leeds (2020)

Portal provides an online English-language resource of Thai law. 

Legal Resources

Ministry of Justice
Information on the work of the Ministry in charge of the criminal justice system in the country. Information currently not available in English.

Thai National Assembly 
Official website of the Thai parliament. More information about the National Assembly is available on Inter Parliamentary Affairs.

Office of the Council of State
Department responsible for drafting laws as assigned by the Council of Ministers or the Prime Minister. It also gives advice on the drafting of laws to state agencies.

Royal Thai Government
Official homepage of the Thai government. Contains government policies and statements. Click on the British flag on the top menu bar for English translation.

Royal Thai Government Gazette
The Government Gazette (GG) or Royal Gazette (RG), is the public journal and newspaper of record of Thailand. This page is in Thai.

A. Legislature

Thai National Assembly 
Official website of the Thai legislature. Link to the National Assembly Library of Thailand. More information about the National Assembly on Inter Parliamentary Affairs by the Secretariat of the House of Representatives.

B. Laws

Legal Translation
English translation of Thai Acts. Published by the Foreign Law Bureau, Office of the Council of State.

Legislative Institutional Repository of Thailand
Database maintained by the Office of the Secretariat of the House of Representatives. Contains, inter alia, laws announced in the Government Gazette - the Constitution and the Administrative Constitution, Acts, royal decrees, royal decrees, announcements, regulations, orders, questions, and rulings. Only in Thai.

Office of the Council of State
The Law Library contains:

See also: Law Reform Commission, Office of the Council of State

Royal Thai Government Gazette
The Government Gazette (GG) or Royal Gazette (RG), is the public journal and newspaper of record of Thailand. Laws passed by the government generally come into force after being published in the gazette. Enables searching for Thai Law Code.

Thailand Laws Database
Unofficial English translations of Thai financial, economic and business laws published on Thailand Law Forum. Website maintained by Chaninat & Leeds.
A selection of unofficial English translations of Thai Acts.

C. Treaties

ICRC Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries : Thailand
Human rights treaties to which Thailand is a party. Published by the International Committee of the Red Cross

International Investment Agreements Navigator : Thailand
Investment agreements that Thailand is a party to.
Click on Double Taxation or Free Trade Agreement in the left panel for access to relevant treaties.

Administrative Court of Thailand
Information on the court's structure and procedures, including ebook "Transition from Council State to the Administrative Court".
Website also contains court judgments:

Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court of Thailand
Selected 2004 court decisions. Published on AsianLLI.

Constitutional Court of the Kingdom of Thailand (website not available)
Information about and selected decisions of the Constitutional Court.

Constitutional Court of the Kingdom of Thailand
Selected decisions of the Court from 1998 to 2003. Published on AsianLII.

Court of Justice Thailand
Information about the judicial system, court procedures and annual judicial statistics.

Office of the Council of State
Legal opinions of the Council of State and various administrative rulings.

Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Thailand
Selected decisions published on AsianLII (1994-95, 1997-2000, 2002-03)

Thailand Supreme Court Opinion Summaries
English language translations of selected opinion summaries are published on Thailand Law Forum, and arranged in numbered issues corresponding to the Thai language publications (2005-09)

Open access journals

Chulalongkorn Law Journal
Academic journal of the Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University. Abstracts in English but PDFs in Thai (2018 -)

Thailand Journal of Law and Policy (previously Thailand Law Journal)
Academic law journal specialising in law, governance and societal issues in Southeast Asia. Peer-reviewed by law professors and legal professionals (1998-2014, 2016, 2018)

Thammasat Business Law Journal 
Journal published by the Faculty of Law, Thammasat University with the aim to disseminate scholarly legal articles in English (2015 -)

This section contains a selection of the more current books on Thai Law. Unless otherwise stated, books are located in the Law Library.

For more books, search the library catalogueLINC:

      Online: ebook

      Online: ebook

       Online: ebook