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Law in Singapore: Databases

Databases for Singapore Law

* LawNet (access: NUS Law) (access: Other NUS staff & students)
Local database containing Singapore legislation, cases, journal articles and selected ebooks.

Lexis Advance Singapore
Access to the Malayan Law Journal, Halsbury's Laws of Singapore, Singapore Court Practice, Woon's Corporations Law and a selection of other local law books.

* indicates subscription database

Singapore Statutes Online
SSO is the main database for Singapore legislation. It is maintained by the Legislation Division of the Attorney-General's Chambers of Singapore.


Bills introduced
Bills as introduced at their first reading, beginning with Bill no. 01/2006. Published by the Parliament of Singapore.

*British Military Administration, Malaya. Gazette. Singapore Division: CO 932/1
Contains proclamations, orders, rules and regulations promulgated by the BMA.

The electronic version of the Government Gazette contains the Bills Supplement, Acts Supplement, Subsidiary Legislation Supplement and Treaties Supplement from 1998. Revised editions of statutes and subsidiary legislation are also available through this database.  Click on Archives on the top menu bar for older publications.

*LawNet (access: NUS Law) (access: Other NUS staff & students)
Contains current versions and selected revised editions of Singapore statutes and subsidiary legislation. 

The Laws of the Straits Settlements 1835-1919
NUS Libraries has digitised this 5-volume set which contains laws that are an important part of Singapore's legal history. It is commonly referred to as the Bradell Edition.

Official reports: parliamentary debates (Hansard)
Searchable database of Singapore Parliamentary Debates from 1955 onwards. Published by the Singapore Parliament.

Papers presented to Parliament
Part of the Archives Online database. Papers are classified into one of six categories: Command Paper, Parliamentary Paper, Statutory Paper, Subsidiary Legislation Paper, Presidential Council Paper and Miscellaneous Paper. These include reports of Select Committees of Parliament, legislation and Government White Papers. All Papers from 2011 onwards will be uploaded on the Government Records Database as and when the National Archives receives them from Parliament.

Select committee reports
Select Committee Reports from 1955 onwards are available on the Singapore Parliament website.

*Sessional papers of the Colonial Government of Singapore, 1946-1960 : CO 940
Public sessions of the Colony of Singapore Advisory Council (1947-48) and proceedings of the Singapore Legislative Council (1948-55)

Straits and Straits Settlements government gazette
Index to selected government gazettes from 1859 to 1940 published on National Library Online. List compiled by C J Koh Law Library.

*Straits Settlements government gazette, 1867-1942 : CO 276
Straits Settlements Ordinances as well as Bills laid before the Legislative Council of Singapore. Also includes government notifications, proclamations and advertisements.

*Straits Settlements sessional papers, 1855-1940 : CO 275
Reports on the proceedings of the Legislative and Executive Councils of the Straits Settlements from 1867 to 1940.

* indicates subscription database

Archives Online
Online access to government records, government speeches and press releases, and Straits Settlements records. Developed by the National Archives of Singapore.

* Federation of Malaya Constitutional Commission, 1956 : CO 889
Also known as the Reid Commission Report.

indicates subscription database

A. Full text databases

LawNet (access: NUS Law) (access: Other NUS staff & students)
Main database for Singapore court judgments. Access to:

  • Singapore Law Reports and Singapore Law Reports (Reissue)
  • Malayan Law Journal
  • Unreported judgments
  • Historical law reports including Kyshe's Reports, Straits Settlements Law Reports, etc.
  • Singapore Syariah Appeals Reports 
  • Decisions of various boards, tribunals, etc.

Lexis Advance Singapore
The Malayan Law Journal, which contains Singapore judgments prior to 1965, is available via this database.

CCH Intelliconnect
Database containing Singapore and Malaysian tax cases.

War Crimes Case Files, Second World War : WO 235
This series contains the trials of Japanese war criminals by the Military Court in Singapore for crimes committed in Southeast Asia during the Second World War.

B. Open access websites

LawNet: Free Resources
LawNet provides free access to judgments of the following Singapore courts for the last 3 months:

  • Family Justice Court and Juvenile Court
  • State Courts
  • Supreme Court.

Singapore Courts & Crime
Straits Times news articles on the latest criminal cases before the Singapore courts.

Singapore International Commercial Court: Judgments
Judgments of the SICC and case summaries from 2016.

Singapore Law Watch: Judgments
Supreme Court judgments from 2000, and IPOS and PDPC decisions from 2018. Published by the Singapore Academy of Law.

Singapore War Crimes Trials
Web Portal co-founded by Dr Cheah Wui Ling and Ng Pei Yi. Features comprehensive case summaries of trials for WWII crimes committed in Singapore and other locations in Asia.

Decisions of international courts:

Case Concerning Land Reclamation by Singapore in and around the Straits of Johor (Malaysia v. Singapore)
Oral and written proceedings, and orders of the case heard before the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

Pedra Branca
Ministry of Foreign Affairs website providing a history of the dispute and links to ICJ proceedings. More official documents, including judgments and orders, are available through the ICJ website.

*Cambridge Core
Home to 100+ journals including the Asian Journal of Comparative Law and the Asian Journal of International law which are edited by professors at the NUS Faculty of Law.

Full text, image-based searchable database of legal periodicals. Contains local legal journals and reviews including the Singapore Academy of Law Annual Review of Singapore Cases, Singapore Academy of Law Journal, Singapore Journal of Legal Studies, Singapore Law Review and Singapore Year Book of International Law.

Journals Online (Academy Publishing)
Free access to journals published by the Singapore Academy of Law.

*LawNet (access: NUS Law) (access: Other NUS staff & students)
Provides full text access to mostly all Singapore law journals and reviews.

* indicates subscription database

Newspapers are useful for obtaining the latest legal information, including legal commentaries and summaries of court decisions:

Access to local and international newspapers. Coverage includes the Straits Times (1 Jul 1989 - ) and Business Times (29 Jan 1984 - ) as well as reports from Channel News Asia.

*Nexis Uni 
Access to the Straits Times (Jan 1992 - ) and Business Times (May 1992 - ) .

Digital archive of local newspapers published from 1831 to 2017. Maintained by the National Library Board.

Singapore Law Watch
Singapore’s foremost daily legal news syndication site from the Singapore Academy of Law. Headlines published in the last 30 days are listed on SLW. Here is selection of the latest headlines:

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* indicates subscription database

LawNet (access: NUS Law) (access: Other NUS staff & students)
Publications include Contract Law in Singapore: Cases, Materials and Commentary (2019); Law of Torts in Singapore (2nd ed, 2016) and Personal Property Law (2014)

Lexis Advance Singapore
Access Halsbury's Laws of Singapore; Criminal Procedure in Singapore and Malaysia; Evidence and the Litigation Process; Singapore Court Practice and Woon's Corporations Law.

WestLaw Asia
A number of Singapore titles are available through this database including Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Singapore Precedent of Pleadings; Law of Intellectual Property of Singapore; Media Law in Singapore and Mediation in Singapore - A Practical Guide.

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