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Blended Learning in Information Literacy

This resource site provides good practices and resources/tools on how academic teachers could explore integrating information literacy into their modules/programme through blended learning.

Please Note

This Resource Guide is under review. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email us! 


Purpose of this Guide

Tools and resources for blended learning, using NUS Libraries practice and programmes as an example of how we apply the blended learning approach across various faculties in an effort to align with the University's BL 2.0 approach.

Created by NUS Libraries Blended Learning Team (Wong Suei Nee, Chai Yee Xin and Lim Siu Chen) in collaboration with the NUS BLT Management.

NUS Libraries Blended Learning Approach

In support of the Blended Learning approach to learning, NUS Libraries has developed a range of information literacy videos, lectures and tutorials that can be embedded into your Blended Learning module at NUS.

We extend a hand of partnership to help you: 

  1. Develop information literacy lectures for your modules (either pre-recorded or synchronous lectures)
  2. Develop and/or embed pre-class materials (e.g. videos and readings on information literacy) as part of the learning sequence
  3. Co-develop tutorials to "deep dive" into information literacy concepts

Information literacy components include: 

  • Search 
  • Evaluation
  • Academic Integrity and Referencing