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Geographical Information System (GIS): Digital Humanities

Spatial History

What is Spatial History? by White (Stanford University)

The Spatial Turn by Guldi (Scholars' Lab, University of Virginia)

ESRI Featured Maps

Open Source Tools for Spatial Analysis or Mapping

There are many open source applications and software available for spatial analysis and visualisation of spatial data. Here are two options and their guides that you may consider using if you want an alternative from ArcGIS.

R/Rstudio (Unix, Windows, Mac OS)

QGIS (Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS)

Tableau (Windows, MacOS)

Useful Web Apps/Tools

Heatmapper: Create your own heat maps at the click of a mouse. Overlay your own image and input your own data to automatically generate the heat map. This tool would be useful for behavioral studies or space ethnography.

Datawrapper: Open source tool helping anyone to create simple, correct and embeddable charts in minutes. It is easy to use, gives you full control and is customisable.

Infographics Generator: Thousands of templates for various purposes.

Canva: Easy drag-and-drop. Templates available.

Pikotochart: Interactive charts and maps. Large library of images and icons.

Historical GIS

Tools for Text Analysis / Network Analysis

Network Analysis

GEPHI: Gephi is the leading visualization and exploration software for all kinds of graphs and networks. 

Text Analysis

Voyant (word counts, trends): Voyant Tools is a web-based text reading and analysis environment. 

Tool Repositories

TAPoR: TAPoR (Text Analysis Portal for Research) is a platform to discover research tools for studying texts.

DiRT: DiRT (Digital Research Tools) is a directory of tools organized by research activity.


Data Cleaning Tools

OpenRefine (formerly Google Refine) is a powerful open source tool for working with messy data, cleaning it and transforming it from one format into another.


Compilations of DH GIS Projects

British Library: Cartographic perspectives from BL Map Librarians

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Historical Maps


National Library Board Spatial Discovery - Explore over 3,000 high resolution copies of maps/plans 

Historical Map - Downloadable street maps (from 1954)

One Historical Map - Interactive viewer of historical street maps and geotagged photographs

National Archives of Singapore - Read here. Government files, private memoirs, historical maps and photographs, oral history interviews