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International Commercial Arbitration: International Investment Law & Arbitration

This guide covers resources available in NUS Libraries, in particular the C J Koh Law Library


This is a guide to legal research on International Investment Law and Investment Arbitration. This guide contains legal resources available in the NUS Libraries collection. Open-access resources are also included in the guide. 

Library FAQs

International Investment Law Resources

Finding books

Keyword search in LINC (Library Integrated Catalogue)

Select LINC and search by relevant keywords.


On the results page, sort by date to view the latest books. Open the catalogue record of relevant books and click on the subject heading to view more books in that subject area. 

The following subject headings will be useful to find books on International Investment Law and Investment Arbitration. Click on the subject headings to view the books available in the library collection.

For books on Investment Arbitration, please check the following subject heading too.

Once in the relevant subject heading, sort by 'Reverse-Year' to obtain the latest books on the topic.

The following are selected print or e-books on International Investment Law available in the C J Koh Law Library collection. 

Key Texts on International Investment Law

Other books on International Investment Law


E-books via Law databases

Kluwer Arbitration database - E-books on International Investment Law and Investment Arbitration are available through the Kluwer Arbitration database.

Elgar International Investment Law Series - E-books on International Investment Law are also available through Elgaronline.


Finding Journal Articles

Journal articles are excellent resources in legal research, and they provide an in-depth analysis of the topic and recent developments in the law. The footnotes included in the journal articles give citations to relevant primary and secondary resources.

How to find journal articles if you have a citation?

Find the name of the journal if you have a citation. Please use Cardiff Index to find the full name if the journal name is abbreviated.

For example, the journal name is abbreviated in the citation below.

Schill, Stephan W. "International Investment Law and the Host State's Power to Handle Economic Crises–Comment on the ICSID Decision in LG&E v. Argentina." J. Int'l Arb. 24, no. 3 (2007)

Please search the library catalogue(FindMore/LINC) once you find the full name Journal of International Arbitration. Select LINC and search by the journal name.

Journals on International Investment Law/ Investment Arbitration/ International Arbitration

Find journal articles through FindMore

Search by keywords in the default library search box to retrieve articles from HeinOnline and other subscribed e-journals through Oxford Journals, Cambridge Core etc. Please note that this search function doesn't include results from major law databases such as Westlaw and Lexis Advance Singapore.

Journal Indexing databases

Indexing databases provide citations to journal articles from a wide range of journals. The following Journal Indexes are available through the library collection:-

IFLP provides in-depth coverage of international law, U. S. Law, comparative law, common law and more. In addition to the journal articles IFLP indexes book reviews, legal essays and Congress Reports.

Index to Legal Periodicals & Books is a bibliographic database that cites articles from legal periodicals and indexes law books. Periodical coverage includes law reviews, bar association journals, university publications, yearbooks, institutes, and government publications.  

LegalTrac indexes more than 1400 titles, including law reviews, international legal journals, legal newspapers and bar association journals.

Legal Resources Index contains abstracts from journals throughout the World. Coverage begins with 1980.

Full-Text databases on International Arbitration

This database provides access to the full text of journal articles from many arbitration journals. Select the Journals tab and search within the full-text of articles from 22 journals available through this database. 

Finding journal articles through General full-text databases

Law Journal Library in HeinOnline provides access to full-text journal articles, mainly from journals.

Full-text journal articles from the U.S, U.K. and Commonwealth countries are available via Lexis Advance Singapore.

This database provides full-text journal articles from the U.S, U.K, and Commonwealth law journals. Click here to search within International arbitration journals available through the Westlaw database.

Treaties & International Agreements

ICSID Convention deals with investment disputes between a state (or some state entities) and an individual who is a national of another state that signed the ICSID convention.

Bilateral Investment Treaties(BITs)

This database is searchable by signatory States, particular treaties and year of signature. This database does not provide links to the full text of BITs.

BITs are available through the ISLG database. Under the Document Library, select 'Treaties and Rules' to view an alphabetical listing of treaties. The BITs are listed alphabetically by country name.

KluwerArbitration offers a fully searchable database of primary and secondary materials in International Commercial Arbitration. Bilateral Investment Treaties(BITs) are accessible through this database.

This Open Access database provides access to Bilateral Investment Treaties(BITs) and model agreements.


Investment Arbitration Reporter is a news and analysis service focusing on cross-border lawsuits between foreign investors and their host governments.

Free resource by UNCTAD provides access to national investment laws and policies on foreign investment and investor-state disputes. Use the Country Navigator to access country-specific investment policy data. 

ISLG is a collection of tools for researching international investment treaty law. ISLG's document collection scope includes all publicly available decisions and awards where the subject of the claim is an investment treaty. Currently, NAFTA and ICSID awards and decisions are the most complete. The collection also includes investment treaties, including bilateral investment treaties and rules.


Other databases with Investor-State Law content

JURIS Arbitration Law database provides access to journals, treatises, practice manuals and monographs on International Arbitration. The Investment Treaty Arbitration Library includes the ITA book series(14 vols), treatises and reports on Investment Treaty Arbitration and International Law.

GAR provides Arbitration News, Features and Reviews.

The Dispute Resolution channel provides access to documents from the ICC International Court of Arbitration. It includes the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin from 1990 to date, Special Supplements of the Bulletin, Awards, Commentaries, Articles, Dossiers of the ICC Institute of World Business Law and the complete collection of ICC Dispute Resolution Rules.

Kluwer Arbitration offers a fully searchable database of primary and secondary materials in the field of International Commercial Arbitration with access to full-text downloads of materials delivered by the most exclusive and authoritative resources. Materials included in the database are from the Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA), Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) and International Council of Commercial Arbitration (ICCA).

The Jus Mundi is a multilingual database that provides access to International Law and Arbitration materials, including treaties, cases, rules, etc

TDM is an online journal publishing articles on various aspects of international arbitration. A TDM subscription includes access to the journal, Legal & Regulatory database and audiovisual library. 

Arbitral Awards and Court Decisions

Print Sources

  • ICSID Reports (Call number: KG3834 Ic) -  An authoritative published collection of investor-State arbitral awards under ICSID. 


Electronic Resources

  • ICC Dispute Resolution Library - The ICC Dispute Resolution Library contains extracts from ICC arbitral awards published in the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin from 1990 to date.
  • ICSID Case Law database - This free database covers cases registered at ICSID. Search by the claimant, respondent, case number, and applicable rules to find cases. 
  • Investment Arbitration Reporter - Investment Arbitration Reporter is a news & analysis service. IAR provides timely reports on the latest legal pleadings, decisions and arbitral awards.
  • Investor-State Law Guide - Investor-State Law GuideThe scope of ISLG's document collection includes all publicly available decisions and awards where the subject of the claim is an investment treaty. The collection also includes investment treaties, including bilateral investment treaties and rules. Currently, NAFTA and ICSID awards and decisions are the most complete.
  • italaw - Free online database includes publicly available arbitration awards and court decisions.
  • KluwerArbitration - This subscription database includes Arbitral awards issued by ICC, ICSID, ICDR and more.
  • Westlaw - Click on the 'Arbitration Materials' tab to access Awards from ICSID, ICDR, ICC, NAFTA, WIPO and more. US Arbitration awards and international Arbitration awards are accessible from this page.

Current Awareness

The following resources provide news and updates on the latest developments in International Investment Law and Investment Arbitration.

  • Investment Arbitration Reporter(IAR) - Investment Arbitration Reporter is a news and analysis service focusing on cross-border lawsuits between foreign investors and their host governments.
  • Global Arbitration Review(GAR) - GAR publishes arbitration news and the latest developments in investor-state arbitrations. Click on the registration link in the catalogue record to retrieve the username and password to access GAR.
  • Kluwer Arbitration Blog - Kluwer Arbitration Blog publishes commentaries written by leading practitioners on international Arbitration and Foreign Investment law.


  • Foreign law guide (via Brill Reference) - A database offering relevant information on sources of foreign law. On the homepage, click on Laws by subject and then select the subject Foreign Investments. Select the relevant country to view Foreign Investment laws in that jurisdiction.