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International Commercial Arbitration: Journals

This guide covers resources available in NUS Libraries, in particular the C J Koh Law Library

Find Journal articles

FindMore/ LINC

Search by the article title in the default search box on the library website. It retrieves results from the HeinOnline Law Journal Library and other e-journals subscribed by the library. Please note that this search does not cover all legal resources. The contents of print journals and databases such as Kluwer Arbitration, LawNet, Westlaw, i-law, Lexis, etc., are not searchable through this search function.

If you couldn’t find the article through FindMore, please search by the title of the journal in the main search box or the LINC(Library Integrated Catalogue) search box.

Use the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations to find the title of the journal if it is abbreviated.

E.g. Berger, K.P., 2019. Common Law v. Civil Law in International Arbitration: The Beginning or the End?. Journal of International Arbitration36(3), pp.295-313.

Check the availability of relevant volumes in the library collection. Refer to the location guide to find it in the library.

Where can I find print volumes of journals in the library?

Current issues are located in the Current Journals section (Level 1), and the Bound volumes are kept in the Bound Journals section(Level 2). 

Journal Indexes

Indexing databases provide citations to journal articles. Search by relevant keywords to find journal articles.

Full-text databases

HeinOnline - Law Journal Library 
Law Journal Library in HeinOnline provides access to full-text journal articles, mainly from U.S. law journals.

ICC Dispute Resolution Library

The ICC Dispute Resolution Library provides access to the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin from 1990 to date.

Kluwer Arbitration
This database provides access to the full text of journal articles from many arbitration journals.

Lexis Advance Singapore
Full-text journal articles from the U.S., U.K., and Commonwealth countries are available via Lexis Advance Singapore.

Nexis Uni
Law reviews and journals are available through the Nexis Uni database (former title: LexisNexis Academic).

This database provides full-text journal articles from the U.S., UK, and Commonwealth law journals. Click here to search within international arbitration journals available through the Westlaw database.

ArbitrationLaw Online (JURIS)
Provides access to full-text articles from the American Review of International Arbitration, Dispute Resolution Journal, European International Arbitration Review, Journal of Damages in International Arbitration, and World Arbitration and Mediation Review.

Transnational dispute management (TDM)
This database provides access to the TDM journal and TDM legal and regulatory materials.