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Wiley Open Access Agreement

Wiley and NUS’ Open Access Agreement (2023-2024) allows NUS corresponding authors to publish open access in Wiley hybrid journals, Wiley open access journals or Hindawi journals, without paying any Article Publication Charges (APC) [subject to availability of article allocations each calendar year]. Once the maximum article allowance has been reached, APCs will be eligible for a 10% discount instead.

Eligible Authors

  • The responsible corresponding author* must be affiliated with NUS (i.e. full-time staff)
  • Each NUS author is only eligible for 1 article allocation per calendar year

*An article may have multiple corresponding authors, but only a single responsible corresponding author will be in charge of the administrative details for the article.

For articles to be published open access under the terms of this agreement, responsible corresponding author must

  • select NUS as your affiliation in the publisher system
  • use your NUS email (emails ending with;;; when submitting your article.

Responsible corresponding author should not use personal email addresses (e.g.,, Doing so may result in delayed approval of the article or the article may not be approved to be published open access under the terms of the agreement.

Eligible Journals

This agreement allows NUS authors to publish open access in over 1,300 Wiley hybrid journals and more than 500 Wiley and Hindawi fully open access journals without incurring APCs. View the full list of journal titles included under this agreement:

Eligible Article Types

Open access publishing covered under this agreement includes primary research and review articles. View Wiley's list of article classifications, which includes an indication of whether they are eligible (Y) for open access publishing.

Eligible Article Date

For Wiley hybrid journals, articles have to be accepted from 1 January 2022 to be eligible.

For Wiley gold open access journals or Hindawi journals, articles have to be submitted from 1 January 2023 and be accepted for publication to be eligible.

Note: Once your paper is published in Early View or In Issue online you are no longer eligible to publish open access at no charge under this agreement.

Information for Authors

Refer to the following guides for the step-by-step process to make your article open access.