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International and Comparative Law: International Organisations

Sources of international law


A selection of organisations involved in international law are listed below.

Organisations by type

Council of Europe
International organisation founded in the wake of World War II to uphold human rights, democracy, and the rule of law in Europe. It is Europe's leading human rights organisation. Website contains the basic texts and judgments of the European Court of Human RightsCouncil of Europe treaties are also available here.

International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)
Institution devoted to international investment dispute settlement. Website contains ICSID documents and cases.

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
Contains ICC policy statements, codes, rules and model contracts as well as information on ICC arbitration. The ICC Digital Library is a subscription service provided by the ICC International Court of Arbitration, but it does contain a selection of open access resources. If you are looking for an ICC award, but don't know where it has been published, enter the ICC award number in the Find an award search box.
NUS Libraries database: ICC Digital Library

International Labour Organization (ILO)
Full texts of international labour standards and ILO official reports.

International Law Commission (ILC)
Reports of the ILC, and conventions relating to the work of the Commission.

International Maritime Organization (IMO)
IMO conventions and status thereto as well as IMO circulars.

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
IMF standards and codes, and a large number of IMF publications in full text.

United Nations
Comprehensive information on the work of the United Nations. Access to UN documents and publications. See also other UN web servers including 

The World Bank
World Bank documents and reports.

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Valuable resources include WIPO-administered treaties, the Collection of Laws for Electronic Access (CLEA) database, and information on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system.

World Trade Organization (WTO)
Official WTO documents, including legal texts of WTO agreements.
NUS Libraries database:

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
Homepage of the APEC Secretariat. Information about the organisation and free access to selected APEC publications, including documents and reports.

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
Maintained by the ASEAN Secretariat. Useful information at this site includes the ASEAN Charter and various other legal instruments.

The Commonwealth
Political association of 54 member states, mostly former territories of the British Empire.

Portal of the European Union, a political and economic union of 27 member states. Information on policies administered by the EU as well as access to websites of EU institutions including the

EUR-Lex is the portal to European Union Law. This system contains the Official Journal of the European Union as well as EU treaties, legislation and case law.

European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
The legal texts and various other publications of EFTA are made available by the Secretariat.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
Access to official NATO texts, including the basic texts of the Alliance and NATO standardisation agreements.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Documents including working papers, guidelines and best practices for areas under the OECD's purview are available here.

A. Advocacy Groups

Amnesty InternationaI (AI)
Non-governmental organisation focused on human rights. The work of AI is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. AI produces reports and news releases searchable by country or topic.

Human Rights Watch
International non-governmental organisation that conducts research and advocacy on human rights.

International Committee of the Red Cross 
Access to resources relating to international humanitarian law, including the IHL databases.

B. Education and Research

The Hague Academy of International Law
Centre for education in public and private international law housed in the Peace Palace in The Hague, the Netherlands. Well known for its Collected Courses (Recueil de cours)
Database: Hague Academy Collected Courses Online

Institut de Droit International
Organisation devoted to the study and development of international law, and is generally considered the most authoritative world academy of international law. Full texts of the following publications are available on the website:

  • Yearbooks: 1873 - 2000
  • Resolutions: resolutions of the Institute from 1873. Published only in French until the Session of Grenade (1956); English versions 1957 -
  • Reports: reports published in the Yearbooks 2007 - 2017.
  • Declarations: the 2 declarations issued by the Institute on the use of force (2003) and piracy (2009).

International Law Association (ILA)
The ILA has consultative status, as an international non-governmental organisation, with a number of the UN specialised agencies. Useful documents include study group reports and reports of its Committees.

Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law
Legal research institute operated by the Max Planck Society and located in Heidelberg, Germany. Publications include the MPIL Research Paper Series.

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