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International and Comparative Law: Books

Sources of international law

Books on International Law

A selection of key texts on public international law that can be found in the C J Koh Law Library collection: 

Basic documents in international law / edited by Ian Brownlie; 6th ed; OUP, 2009 (KZ64 Bas 2009)

Brownlie's principles of public international law / James Crawford; 9th ed; OUP, 2019 (KZ3225 Bro 2019)

Cases and materials on international law / David Harris and Sandesh Sivakumaran; 9th ed; Sweet & Maxwell, 2020 (KZ3410 Har 2020)

Cassese's international law / Paola Gaeta, Jorge E. Viñuales, Salvatore Zappalá; 3rd ed; OUP, 2020 (KZ3395 Cas 2020)

The Charter of the United Nations : a commentary / edited by Bruno Simma, Daniel-Erasmus Khan, Georg Nolte, Andreas Paulus; 3rd ed; OUP, 2012 (2v; KZ4991 Cha 2012)

The Discourse on customary international law / Jean d'Aspremont; OUP, 2021 (KZ1277 Das 2021)

General principles of law, as applied by international courts and tribunals / Bin Cheng; Grotius, 1987 (JX3225 Che)

International law / Jan Klabbers; 3rd ed; CUP, 2021 (ebook)

International law / Malcolm N. Shaw; 9th ed; CUP, 2021 (KZ3275 Sha 2021) 

International law / Vaughan Lowe; OUP, 2007 (KZ1242 Low 2007)

International law : cases and materials / by Lori Fisler Damrosch and Sean D. Murphy, Manatt; 7th ed; West Academic Pub, 2019 (KZ1242.5 Dam 2019)

International maritime boundaries online / edited by Coalter G. Lathrop; Brill, 2011- (ebook)

Law and practice of the United Nations : documents and commentary / Simon Chesterman, Ian Johnstone, David M. Malone; 2nd ed; OUP, 2016 (KZ4986 Che 2016)

Oppenheim's international law : United Nations /  Dame Rosalyn Higgins, Philippa Webb, Dapo Akande, Sandesh Sivakumaran, James Sloan; OUP, 2017 (KZ3264 Hig 2017)

Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court : a commentary / edited by Otto Triffterer and Kai Ambos; 3rd  ed; Nomos, 2016 (KZ7230 Rom 2016)

The Statute of the International Court of Justice : a commentary / edited by Andreas Zimmermann, Christian J. Tams ; 3rd ed; OUP, 2019 (KZ6275 Sta 2019)

Textbook on international law / Martin Dixon; 7th ed; OUP, 2013 (KZ3410 Dix 2013)

Treaty interpretation / Richard K Gardiner; 2nd ed; OUP, 2015 (KZ1304 Gar 2015)

Unilateral sanctions in international law / edited by Surya P Subedi; Hart, 2021 (ebook)

The Vienna conventions on the law of treaties : a commentary / edited by Olivier Corten, Pierre Klein; OUP, 2011 (KZ1298.3 Vie 2011)

Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties : a commentary / edited by Oliver Dörr, Kirsten Schmalenbach; 2nd ed; Springer, 2018 (e-book)

For more books on international law, search the library catalogue, LINC.

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