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Geography: Copyright


Does copyright arise automatically or is registration required? 

Are ideas, titles and logos copyrighted? 

We've listed 6 basic concepts about copyright in the video below: 


1 – Copyright protection is automatic in Singapore

2 – Copyright does not protect ideas but the expression of ideas

3 – Categories of Copyright: LDMA, Sound Recordings and Films

4 – Rights in Copyright: Copy, Publish, Perform, Communicate and Adapt

5 – Copyright is a balance between the owners and the public

6– Copyright does not last forever


Copyrighted works are protected by law to:

  • Incentivise creators by allowing them to reap the rewards of their effort and time spent creating an original work
  • Protect the creations which are seen as an extension of the author's personality


Types of works protected by Copyright:

  • Literary such as text of teaching materials, journal articles or textbooks
  • Dramatic such as plays with stage directions
  • Musical such as music sheets with notation
  • Artistic such as photographs, graphs, images. maps, plans or graphics
  • Sound or video recording such as mp3 or mp4 recording of a musical performance
  • Films such as moving images, video clips or animated films


Finding Open Source Content

Images, sounds and music can be used in presentations or other content you create to increase engagement and provide valuable context.

If you are looking for freely available content for use in your assignments or presentations, the following resource might be useful: 

Library Guide on Finding and Using Free Media for Your Digital Projects